My Boy



I’ve been quiet this month with blogging. That’s because I’ve been busy making cookies and birthday cakes. The cookies are for Pie Country. Gingerbread men, sugar rocket ships and mittens and snowmen. Black-bottom coconut bars, brownies,  blondies, pie babies in a variety of flavors, oatmeal chocoate chip cookies, peanut butter classics and snickerdoodles. And more.

The birthday cakes are for my family. I make a birthday cake every week in December.I mailed one to my daughter in Ohio in the first week of December. She said it was yummy. Five days later I made a Tarte Tatin, as I have done every December 10th for the past umpteen years. That one was for my dude, my main squeeze. I should make it more often. This year’s came out with a really deep caramel color all over.

And in just a few hours, when the clock strikes midnight, my young boy … who thinks himself so mature and grown-up … and honestly, he is quite capable (though still tender) … will turn 15. He is 6’4 ½”. He has grown almost an inch in just the past month. I can tell when he’s about to grow, he has more of an insatiable appetite than usual, and he gets slightly chubby. Then all of a sudden my neck has to crane even further to reach that cheek with a kiss.

For my amazing young man, I made an extra large, extra chocolatey chocolate cake with my signature chocolate ganache. Before I light the candles, I think I’ll whip up some cream to go alongside. He’ll like that.

On Wednesday, he’s leaving to go on a 10-day exchange program with his youth group. He’ll be gone during Channukah, he’ll be gone during Christmas. It’s going to be lonely here without him. He has such a big presence, such a big, wonderful affect on all of us. His sister is trying her hardest to finish up her college work so she can see him before he leaves. 

We all hope and pray that our children will grow up to become … fill in the blank … and then when they do, we wish they were still children in our arms.

Have a wonderful trip, my son, just don’t forget to come home.

Last night as we were finally going to bed, my husband was telling me about a couple he met that evening at our young cousin's bat mitzvah. Oh, they're older than you, he said, more around my age if not older. Well, he said, they have adult children, so they've got to be older. 
I looked at him and I said, we have an adult child.
His mouth fell open and then he plunged his head under the covers.
It's true, our oldest "child" will be 21 tomorrow.
She will be legal, as she keeps telling us, her eyes sparkling.

And what a beautiful 21 year old person she will be!

This past summer she helped me get this fledgling business off the ground. She took over the Facebook page, scoured the Zagats guides for possible business leads, helped me pick out our brand colors, craft our brand statement and worked on the wireframe for this very site. She has always been wise beyond her years, with sensible and firm opinions. My mother used to look at her - even as a small baby - and proclaim her "deep"; and she was right. My angel, as I have always called her, also has a wry and unexpected wit beneath her often reserved demeanor.

It is amazing to look at this delightful young woman with a forthright and intelligent approach to life, firmly grounded on her lovely two feet -- and impossible for me not to KVELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I'm sitting here with my tears welling up. Any one who has watched babies grow to adults know exactly what "bursting with pride" feels like. Kvell! Kvell! Kvell!

I wish we could pop some champagne at midnight together! But alas, she is away at college, so in spirit it will be. Her friends will take her out and toast her special day. At 21, that's just where she should be. Now, I'm off to make her a cake, sending it overnight express. The bittersweet chocolate cake that's on our winter delights offering, but without the raspberry, I think. She's more of a purist, especially when it comes to chocolate! A deep, dark chocolate is her favorite ... I was deciding between a marshmallow frosting or a chocolate ganache, but this cake is incredible with a thin covering of chocolate ganache, bittersweet bliss. I can imagine how she'll smile with every bite she'll take - just like my little girl.

Happy birthday, my sweet angel. 
I'm looking forward to having you home soon.
And don't forget to pick up the package!